Inspired by the Winter Landscape

My original photos - Jan 2008

The weather in Finland is warm and wet for their time of year - it seems all over the world the weather is the topic of discussion. I had hoped to see Snow several feet deep ! however the landscape and snow had it's own beauty anyway.

I loved the stark contrast of branches against the snow. The light was grey, due to overcast skies and the weather changed surprisingly quickly, from the promise of snow to the reality of rain. Light is less at this time of year, but come late afternoon a blue cast gives added nuance to the atmosphere.

The photos below show how I'm starting to abstracting the branch shapes ready in readiness to start on some more panels........

Detail clips from photos - copyright Ruth Ball 2008

Digital image developed from the photos - Copyright Ruth Ball 2008

The images below are just a start in enamel - I need to experiment some more, but hope eventually to create a series of panels, inspired by my winter trip....

10 x 10cm Enamel on Copper - Panel - Copyright Ruth Ball 2008

The aim is to complete a large panel made up of seperate elements - this shows various stages - I'll post again once this is finished !

Enamel on Copper - panel - Copyright Ruth Ball 2008

15x15cm Enamel on Copper - panel - Copyright Ruth Ball 2008