Images of Finland

Just adding a few images that I took on my trip to Finland to visit Ulla Huttunen, enameller.

The majority of buildings in rural areas are made from wood ! as there is a plentiful supply of trees ! ......This is Ulla's & Arto's house ! and below is the major landmark of her local village in Korpilahti, the church, built 1827.

The landscape is very open and spectacular.....

....and this area of Finland is peppered with many lakes.

The reflections in them, of the sky are simply stunning.
...everything is so very beautiful !...... lots of inspiration here.....

The majority of trees are pine, but silver birch grow in amongst them.
They provide good cover for the Moose and Bears !.....which roam freely in places ! ! !

By the way Moose are not actually pink ! this one just strolls the town center in Jyvaskyla !

This is just a small snapshot of Jyvaskyla, which is one of the next location's for Ulla's touring Enamel Exhibition. The national Craft Center of Finland is in the center of the city and boast a fine and rather large space which we will be exhibiting in from late December till march.

Jyvaskyla has many points of interest. It is a busy University town, with several museums and is very well known as the home for the famous Alvar Aalto Museum , which, I must say, has a very comprehesive collection, that celebrates Finland's most celebrated architect & designer.

More tourist information can be sourced here