Wild & Precious Series

Six "Wild and Precious" Panels for "Nurtured"
20 x 20 cm Framed

Detail View: "Sycamore Gold" - Wild and Precious series.
Gold leaf over white opaque enamel & vitreous enamel paint - on copper.

Copyright Ruth Ball 2007

A series of 6 panels titled the "Wild and Precious" series are my latest enamelled panel pieces. These are on exhibition at the Cetra Gallery & Studio, 50 Pensby Road, Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside. The exhibition features work from 16 Merseyside jewellers from the MJMAN group under their exhibition title "Nurtured".

The "Wild and Precious" series panels, are illustrative in concept, and relate to the preciousness and fragility of nature. Seed heads and wild plant elements are highlighted for focal study, portraying the beauty of common species. The fragmented gold leaf is intended as a suggestion of the tenderness and vulnerability of the forms, whilst also emphasising that the everyday plants we tend to pass by are valuable and should be prized, indeed...Nurtured.